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Volunteer Your Time!

Join our Hunting with Heroes team and volunteer your time to give back to our nations disabled veterans.

This weekend was perfect! And the success alone just in smiles, happiness, friendships, and overall building of this amazing community is more than I ever imagined! Family doesn’t even explain it… This was Amazing!Lindsay Stilwell, Volunteer, Casper, Wyoming
As I reflect on my life enriching experience through “Hunting with Heroes” a few weeks ago, I am forever a changed man, a better man. Nothing along the PTSD healing journey from my Vietnam War experience has so richly benefited my entire being. There has also been a paradigm shift in my heart and mind of what encompasses a vibrant community – kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, sacrifice, joy, friendliness, integrity, respect, acceptance, and love expressed in a variety of ways by good people eager to bless. The “Hunting with Heroes” weekend had so many key elements. In addition to the exciting antelope hunt, the other vets and I developed a spirit of camaraderie as we enjoyed other fun-filled activities. We were awestruck to see other generations of good people care about the welfare of war veterans. We felt pampered and ecstatic about all that the people had done for us. We were overwhelmed by the generosity, thoughtfulness and celebration by everyone, even children and youth.Joe Rodriquez-Vigil, Vietnam Veteran, California

Contact Dan Currah for more information.